Are Bamboo Floors Good for Your Pets

Article written by Bamboo Flooring Facts

                It is common knowledge that hardwood flooring is extremely susceptible to scratching especially by your pets. Honestly speaking, this is also the same for bamboo flooring, however there are certain types of bamboo floors that are easily cleaned and buffed. Not all bamboo floors are easily scratched that’s why it is important that when you choose to switch to bamboo flooring or choose to install bamboo flooring you pick the right type if you have pets.

                If you need to test if a certain type of bamboo flooring is compatible with your pets and their feet here is a very important tip. Try getting samples of the different bamboo floors that you want to install and test it on your pets. Can have your pets walk on it or scratch it deceived that certain type bamboo flooring is susceptible to scratching. To see if the scratches that your pet may have made are easily cleaned or buffed you can try using the different cleaners and polishes on the samples that were scratched. All the things that you will need for this testing are easily available at your nearest bamboo flooring suppliers.

                If you’re looking for the closest thing to being scratch proof, your best bet is a strand woven bamboo floor coated with aluminum oxide. Aluminum oxide is known for its durability and strain and abrasion resistance. Paired with the natural strong bond of the woven bamboo floor, scratching these floors will be a tough task for your pet.

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