Bird-proofing your home

Bird-proofing your homeFor parrots and other household birds, roaming outside the cage is the best time. Birds need to spend some time outside the cage for their mental stimulant, bonding with the family, exercise and spending quality time. When flying or playing outside a cage, feathered friends often get into trouble. This is why bird-proofing your home is more important.

Even clipped feathered friends try to test their flying skills and for many ceiling fans, open windows, window panes, mirrors, furniture and doorways could become a hazard. Sometimes washing machines, printers, recliners can add to troublesome environment. Household toxins such as open cleaning supplies that can be inhaled or eaten could become a hazard inside the home. Do not expose your pet bird to fresh paint, cigarettes and toxic household plants such as Ivy. The most common emergency issue with birds is either bodily injury or trauma.

In home hazards could be endless for birds. One of the best solutions is to keep an eye on them when they are out of the cage. Your presence itself is a safety net for them. If you feel that your pet bird may have exposed to a hazard, seek help from a professional immediately.