Different Variations of Pitbull: Choosing the One that’s Right for You

Written by: Iron King Kennels

Choose the best pitbull breed for you and your family with these tips.

One thing you’ll notice about pitbull terrier puppies for sale is that there are many varieties to choose from. Most people know the XL pitbull fairly well, as that is the one most often seen on television and in the movies, but there are even sub-variations of that one as well. Here, we will break down the breeds so you can make the best choice for you.

The Bully Pitbull

So-called bully pitbulls aren’t named for their temperaments, rather for their size. Specifically their girth. They tend to be shorter length-wise than most pit bulls breeds. They are often referred to as “XL pitbulls”, and they fast becoming their own breed. They were first bred by crossing the American pitbull terriers with other breeds in the family.

Blue Nose Pitbulls

Blue pitbull puppies aren’t blue all over, but their noses are noticeably dark. They look black or blue, so people call them a blue-nose pit. This color is very different from any other breed so some breeders will charge a premium for them. You’ll ultimately pay what you think the dog is worth, but it’s important to distinguish that a blue pitbull is only different because of that color. His temperament will be the same as any other dog.

Red Pitbulls

Red-nosed pitbulls are a lot more common than their blue-nose counterparts. The coloring on these dogs is still beautiful, and they make for great family pets. They are also much easier to find than blue pitbulls because the breed is more common.