Flying with your favorite pet

Traveling_Beloved_Pet_2Flying with your favorite petTravelling with a pet require some planning on your part. According to a report published by the travel Web site TripAdvisor, more than 44 percent Americans expect to travel during holidays with a pet.

The best place for a cat or dog to travel in an airplane is the pressurized cabin where you sit and travel. In order for your loved pet to travel with you in the cabin, his or her carrier should be able to fit under the seat in front of you. Most pet carriers list the airlines which the container is in compliant with. It make sense to check with your airline to confirm that your pet carrier comply with their requirements before travel. Sometimes carrying your pet in the cabin is not possible due to various restrictions and other conditions and your pet may have to fly in the cargo area. Make sure to ask your airline that your pet is in a pressurized and temperature controlled area of the cargo.

Airlines do require a reservation for pets travelling with you, often time for a fee. Many charge a fee depending on where your pet travels, whether in the cabin or the cargo area. Also, you do need to carry your pet through security check area with you.