How To Install An Electric Fence

Today, there are a lot of types of electric fences readily available in the market. Though options are always a good thing, some may find this overwhelming especially if you are new to electric fencing. Beginners may find themselves confused on choosing between an electric and solar electric fence, determining which wires to use, selecting a controller and even deciding on an electric fence insulator.

Before you go out and buy an electric fence, you must first and foremost determine the type of fence that will be compatible with your ground. This is a viable decision because proper grounding will support and make your fence work efficiently. You need to ensure that the controller is properly connected to the grounding system as well as the wires on the fence, this system is called an open circuit. This will work continuously and will send shocks to animals should they try to run over in or out of the fence. Always make sure that your fence’s battery is well charged to keep your electric fence running, you may also opt for solar panels should you want to cut your electricity bills.

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