Meth-Intoxicated Sheep, Tasered; New Study Carried Out By Taser International

Taser International set out to test the outcome of being high on meth and then being tasered. They first decided to try this out on some sheep. Why? Two reasons. The first being that methamphetamine is extremely popular amongst humans. The second reason is that when a person, high on meth is arrested, a stun gun might be used on him, and the safety of that is yet undetermined.

To test this theory out, Taser International rounded up 16 sheep. They put them on an IV drip of meth, which was then followed by a few taser blasts which was needed by researchers to investigate the effect it had on the heart.

Animal rights activists were appalled by this, stating that drug taking was a human choice and methods and safety of law enforcement should be determined in acceptable manners. Such animal research seems completely unnecessary, when compared to that carried out for finding a cure for cancer. Who knows what could be next in line!

The research carried out by Taser International does not even seem valid. The effect meth and an electric voltage would have on a sheep and a human would certainly differ. In the case of this research, the sheep were under anaesthesia, which really does not mean the experiment was carried out as the real situation could have been.

Take into consideration that stress induced cardiac arrests are quite different between an anesthetized sheep and a meth-intoxicated human who is probably paranoid and keeps resisting arrest.

All in all, TI’s experiment only proves that tasers can be used on sheep that are asleep, which probably adds so much towards the advancement of society and law enforcement.