Installing A Livestock And Electric Dog Fence

An electric fence sends electric shocks to keep your livestock and pets contained. When an underground electric fence is properly working, it will train the animals to stay within your compound while also keeping wild life away from your property. There are various types of an electric fence available in the market nowadays, each has a specific use as well as matches the type of livestock you have. Examples for these fences are the electric dog fence and the electric fence for goats.

When installing an electric fence, there are a few factors that you have to carefully look into. First, when designing your electric fence, try to use identical materials as much as possible. This way, you can avoid electrolysis from occurring. Electrolysis happens when moisture is present due to the varying materials where electricity passes through, when this happens your fence’s materials will gradually disintegrate. The fence controller together with proper grounding and fence wires creates an instantaneous open circuit, if the ground is poor, then your fence will not work properly. Troubleshoot your electric fence daily to make sure that there are no low voltage spots as well as to ensure that your fence is working perfectly.

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