International Animal Rights Day (IARD)

December 10 is the International Animal Rights Day. It is aimed at stopping cruelty to animal and establishing the Universal Declaration of Animal Rights similar to human rights. Animal lovers all over the world take part in many activities to promote animal rights on this day.

Animal lovers all over the world hold candlelight vigil on this day since 1998 to remember many thousands of animals died due to human cruelty or otherwise killed, display support for animal rights and call for a Universal Declaration for Animal Rights. They not only seek assistance and recognition by governments but also intend to promote animal causes among the masses.

Due to the action of the movement authorities all over the world starting to pay attention to animal causes. Letter writing campaign, candlelight vigils, and promotion of animal causes at events and activities are keeping the pressure on governments to recognize animal causes.

Organizers expect to increase the number of participants at each event to get wider awareness. Also, IARD has created several leaflets and displays that can be used at events to get attention and to promote animal causes. They also have an ongoing on-line campaign through many web sites.