Not only the animals people also loses with dog fighting

Remember the story about a football player who was convicted of running a dog fighting ring? Dog fighting takes place throughout the entire universe. It is a cruel sport. Many countries such the US are fighting harder than others to stop dog fighting as well as cruelty to animals. Organizations such as ASPCA are in the forefront of this fight leading the charge dog fighting and cruelty to animals.

There are laws prohibiting dog fighting in all 50 states in the US. Laws prohibit breeding certain breeds for the sole purpose of fighting. At the end, it is not only the animal, people lose too. Pit bull breed is more commonly associated with the cruel sport of dog fighting because of their history. They are descendants of dogs that are bred to bite and hold bulls, bears and other large animals in the old England. As the time went on more agile and lighter variety of pit bulls have been developed. This is why they are attracted by those who are interested in dog fighting. Dog lovers can adopt a pit bull and show the world that they are not what they perceived to be by many people.