Pet safety during summer months

Those of us who are living in hot climates, summer are a critical time for our pets. Some of the hot climate related pet issues include heatstroke, snakebites, burned paw pads, lost or injured animals during fireworks, and insect bites from fleas, bees, mosquitos, and ticks.

Heatstroke could be life threatening. Never leave your pet in a vehicle even with windows down. Even on a “cool day” inside temperature of a vehicle could bring disaster to a pet. If you are going on a hike on a hot day, leave your pet at home. Not just the heat, paw pads could get burn especially on concrete due to the heat. Cool down concrete around the house with water or let your pet only on grass. Always provide fresh water outside for your pets.

Hot weather brings snakes out into the open areas such as your backyard. Vets are seeing more snakebite during summer months. When you take your pets on trails, pay special attention to snakes and other reptiles. Dogs are more sensitive and pay more attention to rattling sounds. If your pet gets bitten by a snake, take your pet to the closest animal hospital as soon as possible. You can get them vaccinated too.