Preventive dental care for your pets

dental care for your petsYou know how expensive those veterinary visits are. Dental x-rays, anesthesia, extractions, sub-gingival scaling, cleaning and polishing of pet’s teeth could cost you handsomely. Unfortunately you still have to take your pets to the vet for dental checkup at least once a year. Some veterinarians tend to recommend checkups in every six months. But you can cut down on your pet’s other surprise visits for dental care if you follow these recommendations from veterinarians.

  • Feed your pets with high quality pet food to avoid plaque buildup on teeth.
  • Kibble food instead of wet food may promote healthier teeth.
  • When buying chews and treats get those that are recommended or designed to clean teeth.
  • Brush your pet’s teeth few times a week with recommended toothpaste for animals. Starting as early as possible may help your pet to get adjusted to dental cleaning routine and it helps to slow down plaque buildup. You get to check your pet’s mouth for other signs too.
  • If you smell bad breath or see rotten or corroded teeth, it is time to take your pet to the vet.
  • Make sure to get antibacterial and pain medications for your pet following any type of oral surgery.