Why bamboo flooring is a good idea if you are an animal lover

Written by Bamboo Flooring Facts

If you find the thought of having bamboo flooring as a funny idea, you probably haven’t been introduced yet to the processed form of bamboo that has the same quality as hardwood flooring such as oak. This durability means that it can receive quite a bit of punishment before it would need refinishing or repairs. So it’s definitely okay to have your pets inside your house. Bamboo flooring hardness, if you are getting the right quality, can even be tougher than regular hardwood flooring. Even when your pet isn’t as potty trained as you would like it to be, it’s urine and poop wouldn’t damage your flooring that quickly. And even in the even that your flooring does get damaged, bamboo flooring installation and refinishing is so quick to do that any significant damage to your flooring would be easy to fix. And the relatively low cost of bamboo flooring is also another plus.

Taking all of these things together, you will find that bamboo flooring is actually very pet friendly. And you don’t have to worry about your pets being exposed to any harmful substances either since bamboo is completely organic. What you need to look at is the type of resin used to hold the bamboo together, make sure that it does not contain any formaldehyde or any harmful substance that may pose a threat to you or your pets. Other than that, you’re all set for a home that’s not only lovely to you but to your pet as well.


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