Care for Elderly dogs

Caring-For-an-Elderly-DogWritten by Foam Factory, Inc.

Dogs are undeniable considered the most loyal of pets. They show tremendous affection and gratitude towards their masters at all time. Pets have integrated parts of our lives so much that they are now considered as members of the family. The life expectancy of dogs depend on the breed but generally, for giant breed, the average life is of six years. Medium-size dogs tend to live up to eight year and the average expectancy of most dogs varies between ten to twelve years.

Factors such as daily care, a proper nutrition and good veterinary care could prolong the life of the animal. Along with a proper nutrition consisting of proteins and some minerals, dogs would also need to consume at least one ounce of water daily. You might want to ensure that clean water is available, especially in summer to avoid that the animal is dehydrated.

The elderly dog should also be provided with adequate rest in a comfortable environment in order to ensure that it stays happy and healthy. If you wish to go an extra mile, you might also want to invest in a memory foam bed               for the dog or to let them sleep on your own.

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