Ethical Pitbull Breeding: What Consumers Need to Know

Written by: Iron King Kennels

Learn what makes a pitbull breeder ethical.

pitbullAnyone who is seeking a pet should always check their local shelter for a rescue animal. Almost one third of rescues are purebred dogs, but it’s not always easy to find the breed you want. Pit bulls are a good example. Pitbull breeding is a science, and responsible breeders are able to produce specific breeds for traits and personalities.

If you’re keen on shopping for a pitbull for sale, these tips will help you identify ethical breeders.

How Responsible Breeders Operate

Ethical breeders avoid selling their animals through pet shops, and usually opt to work with individuals or families to find a proper home for their dog. Red nose pitbull breeders will often educate you on the nuances of the breed, such as your new dog’s seemingly boundless energy, and may even make you sign a pledge to treat the dogs well and handle all routine care.

These breeders also won’t have a variety of dogs for sale, so if you’re seeking a golden retriever instead of a pitbull, you’ll need to locate a specific breeder for that kind of dog. The reason for this specialization has to do with knowledge. Ethical breeders are like encyclopedias for the breed, and consistently strive to learn more.  They keep some of their dogs as pets, raising them from puppies, and they may have a good reputation in the scene. One instant clue that you’re dealing with a reputable breeder is by asking other breeders at a dog show if they’ve heard of the kennel you’re working with.

Word of mouth is extremely important, but you can evaluate qualities of the breeder when you visit their dedicated facility to form your own opinion.