Einstein: The World’s Tiniest Horse

New Hampshire could possibly claim to have the world’s tiniest horse. A diminutive horse born at the Tiz A Miniature Horse Farm in Barnstead, a pinto stallion measured a mere 14 inches in height and weighed only nine pounds at birth. The foal’s proportions are quite similar to that of a baby, but are really tiny in terms of a horse. The tiny horse, named Einstein could be the titled holder in the Guinness Book of Records for being the smallest newborn horse.

Co-owners of Einstein, Judy Smith and Dr. Rachel Wagner both are extremely fond of him and say he will continue to reside at the farm.

Measuring just about seven inches short in comparison to a normal miniature foal, Einstein apparently does not seem to be in danger of suffering from dwarfism, according to breeders. The current record holder of the tiniest horse title, Thumbelina, unfortunately does.

Smith told reporters that Einstein was not born prematurely but three days after the due date. She even quipped that if he had been born prematurely, he could have been ever tinier.

The Tiz A Miniature Horse Farm houses 48 miniature horses, all averaging around 21 inches in height at birth, and weighing 18 pounds. Contrary to popular belief, miniature horses are actually horses and not ponies. Their tiny stature comes from continuous breeding carried out over many years. Miniature horses are sometimes even used as ‘seeing-eye dogs’ and movies.

Thumbelina does not have the same proportions as Einstein. She has crooked legs, which she has had from birth, and thus has specially made shoes for jumping.