Family Favorite Shows about Animals

Thanks for the guest post by Laura Mitchell

Our family loves to sit around and watch the television shows that feature animals doing a variety of tricks. Whether it’s parrots who can sing the national anthem or dogs who can run through a maze, we love watching these shows. Our favorite part of watching these shows on our┬áTV by Direct is that we try to judge the animals along with the celebrity judges.

We sometimes agree that an animals trick is an old hat trick or we are just as amazed when an animal does something you would never think of. We have also started secretly marking down our scores for the animal acts that come on. Once all of the judging is over we all reveal what our scores were. Most of the time, we will agree with the judges on the show and pick the same winner as they do, however, there are times that our choices are totally different.

There are many different acts that come on this show and they do many different things. I have seen a dog who will try to talk, although to me it didn’t sound much like talking. My family disagrees and says that they heard the words clearly. We just like spending time together and watching these shows and giving our opinions on everything. We mostly like spending the time together watching them.