For Your Dog’s Safety: An Electric Fence

Look, I love my dog. I know that when reading a title such as the one above, my feelings towards my big pooch may be called into question. But there are a few facts that you may not be considering if you pass judgment. Understand that I spent a great deal of time mulling this one over before I invested in electric fence supplies.

My German Shepherd is my best friend in the world. Her loyalty is unquestionable and she is fiercely protective of me and my property. This is a pretty positive thing when you’re a single woman living alone. However, it would be devastating if she raced off of the proper and mistakenly attacked someone that she felt was a threat, whether they were or not. There have been a few close calls in the past. And yet, after the electric fence installation, this was no longer a cause for concern. She knows the boundaries and won’t cross them. Of course she’ll still let out a few loud barks to warn strangers. But she will not cross the border, even now that the fence has been disassembled.

You have to realize that the underground wire and shock collar were nothing more than learning tools and not a method of punishment. We worked hard to break her of this habit with training and voice commands. And for the most part this was successful. But sometimes, instinct is stronger than the will of an owner. Of course, I checked with my vet and a dog trainer to find some solutions. Much to my surprise, this was a recommended method of training. While this may sound a bit severe, the shock itself was relatively mild when compared with the risk of her being put down for harming someone. I will admit that the first few times I saw her get a jolt did fill me with unease. However, she learned the boundaries of the property in no time and will only break these limitations when she’s with me.

I would’ve never used a shock collar as the initial mode of training. There were plenty of avenues to explore first. And together, we worked hard using these methods. The fence and collar were the last resort. However, I am extremely thankful to have found the option. These days, the collar is off, the wire has been removed, and she is just as happy now as she was before we started to use the fence. She is still my protector. And through the use of the electric fence, I am her protector as well.
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