GPS tracking for your pets

Wireless is everywhere, all around us and getting saturated. Here comes wireless tracking for your pets. In August 2011, the Snaptracs introduced a GPS pet-tracking service known as Tagg. The Snaptracs is a division of Qualcomm. They in collaboration with Verizon Wireless provide the GPS based pet-tracking service.

The device is water resistant. It is little bit larger than your wristwatch and more rugged. It can be tagged onto your dog’s existing collar. It uses your cellphone in conjunction with GPS to locate your pet or if you like to track your kids you can sneak one in his or her backpack. Once activated, you can locate the object on your iPhone or an Android based phone.

The base station for the unit doubles as a relay station and generates a text to tell the location of your object. The Tagg on the other hand stay dormant until you request a location. Therefore, the battery last about a month.

The unit is recommended for dogs of ten pounds or more. It is priced at $99.95 and a service fee of $7.95 a month. Additional units will cost just 95 cents a month. It will work in areas with Verizon Wireless service.