Here Are Few Simple Steps To Care For Your Pets During Winter

Care For Your Pets During WinterIt is not too late to check up on your pet’s welfare during cold months. Here are few simple steps you can take during December to February to increase the welfare of your pets:

Do a check-up before winter
Veterinarians recommend a check-up before the arrival of winter. However, it may be not too late to take your pet to vet now.

Put your room heaters and other exposed electrical devices out of reach
These items, especially space heaters could cause burns if your pets come in contact with it.

Keep your pets indoors
As much as possible, keep them indoors when mercury is dropping.

Check water left out side
During cold snaps, water can freeze. So, regularly check your pet’s water bowl.

Put on that cozy jacket
This is the time to dress up your “Tiger” with that jacket you bought if he is going to stay outdoors for a longer period of time.

Watch for signs of cold weather diseases
Frostbite and hypothermia are most common during very cold periods. Bring them inside and check your pet’s ears, tail and paws for any signs of frostbite.