How Blue Nose Pitbulls Get Their Distinct Skin Color

The blue color way on bluenose pitbulls is in fact a diluted form of another color.

blue-nose-pitbullPitbulls. They’re dangerous, intimidating, and a threat to both dogs and people. These are the common myths that society has placed upon pitbulls due to their relatively violent past. It’s true that they are physically strong and dominant dogs, blue nose pitbulls are actually friendlier than you might think. Once you get to know them, they can become loyal friends that will stick by your side no matter what.

Their “Blue” Appearance

Bluenose pitbull breeders are becoming more common in today’s society due to the rise of these types of dogs. They’re what you can call “a rising trend” due to their adorable nature and beautiful appearance.

Now, bluenose pitbulls tend to have a gray shade to their skin due to a recessive gene that causes there to be a lack of black pigment in both the skin and the fur – thanks to two different breeding parents that have a recessive pigment gene. Furthermore, this gene results in the decreased production of eumelanin – which is black pigment. Because there isn’t enough pigment to be distributed throughout the dog’s fur and skin, the color tends to become diluted, and a shade of gray is the resulting color.


Remember, bluenose pitbulls are known to be prone to certain sicknesses more than other dog breeds, due to their inbreeding that was required for them. For instance, they are prone to grass allergies, heart disease, and cataracts, far more often than the average dog breed. Be sure that you schedule regular check-ups with your local veterinarian and ensure that he or she is always healthy. So, before you close the deal and find the first pitbull for sale, be sure that you are ready to care for one.

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