Does Your Dog Have Dandruff?

If your dog has dandruff, you first need to understand what causes it before you start thinking of treatment. Here are some of the main causes for dandruff in dogs:

• Bad hygiene
• Insufficient liquid intake
• Low humidity
• Lack of natural oils in the body
• Fat deficiency
• Lack of exercise
• Inadequate nutrients
• Irregular brushing of your dog’s coat

Home remedies

Dandruff is caused by dry, flaky skin. To avoid this, ensure that you give your dog a bath on a regular basis. During the winter, your dog should be given a bath only once a month. In summer, you should switch this practice to once a fortnight. When bathing your dog, ensure that the water temperature is not hot, but only lukewarm. If the dandruff condition is really bad, then invest in a dandruff shampoo tailor-made for dogs. Massage it well onto your dog’s skin. Once you have rinsed off the shampoo, make sure you dry our dog’s coat off completely.

Some people tend to use dandruff shampoos made for human use on their dogs. This should not be practiced at all as it could affect your dog quite badly. Instead, look for pet dandruff shampoos that include salicylic acid or sulfur. Once you massage the shampoo in, let it sit for around five minutes. If the shampoo contains insecticide, then do not use it, as it will tend to dry out the skin even more.

Spraying an oil rinse on your dog’s coat is also an excellent way to moisturize it. The food you give your dog should be high in minerals and vitamins. Check with your veterinarian regarding any extra nutrient supplements for your dog.