Small things can bring big benefits

Our hectic life style demands too much out of us. When it comes to taking care of our best friend and companion, we forget to take care of few simple basics. Here are few things you need to do:

  • Before each season change do a checkup of your pet. Your veterinarian may send you a reminder and please don’t throw that away.
  • Each season comes with typical diseases more common for the season. Frostbites and hypothermia are more common in the winter and your pet needs more water kept for them inside and outside of your home during summer. Check paws and water level regularly.
  • On very cold days as well as very hot days your pets need to be kept indoors.
  • Your pets are attracted to your kids play equipment. During summer kids tend to leave their toys wherever they play. This could bring hazard to your pets. Work with your children to store away their play equipment after each use in order to protect the safety of your pets. During winter, place your heaters away from your pets and in a safe place for everybody.
  • You are not alone. Get your family involved in creating a safe environment for your pets, children and adults.