The Best Place for Your Pup When You’re Away


When you go out of town, don’t you generally look for the best possible place you can stay? Obviously, you have realities like your budget to consider, but generally speaking, you want to stay somewhere you’ll be comfortable and have plenty to do in the area.doggiesgonewild2

That’s why a dog hotel in Miami makes so much sense for your pup when you’re out of town. They want the same things. Your puppy doesn’t want to stay in some lonely, unfriendly kennel where they’ll barely receive any attention.

Instead, they want to go somewhere that will be fun, exciting and plenty comfortable. This has become such a popular idea that these types of doggie daycares are becoming more and more common all over the country.

At one of these facilities, your dog will receive ongoing attention throughout the day (except for nap time of course). This means they’ll get to play several times during the day, even with other dogs—something most puppies don’t get to do regularly, but they love (you can request that they play separately).

You provide the food and treats, so your dog won’t have to adjust to a new diet on the fly. There are often extras too, like special baths and massages too!


For a Miami dog boarding facility that you’ll feel comfortable leaving your pup at, try Doggies Gone Wild. Dog boarding in Miami doesn’t get any better than this amazing getaway for man’s best friend.