How Red Nose Pitbulls Are Misunderstood

Red Nose Pitbulls are often thought of as an entirely new breed of pitbull terriers.

red-nose-pitbullMost non-pitbull owners probably haven’t heard of the red nose pit bull. This guide will simply explain what this specific pitbull breed is and how it differs from the other types of pitbull terriers.

About the Red Nose Pitbull

Now, many people tend to believe that the red nose pitbull is a completely different type of pitbull breed. As a matter of fact, they’re actually a variation of American pitbull terriers that just so happen to have a red tinge on their nose. Now, there is no definite way of producing a red nose pitbull. The chances of producing a pitbull pup with a red nose comes down to chance. Many red nose pitbull breeders have actively tried to pursue breeding red nose pitbulls in specific kennels, but ultimately it all comes down to chance.

Differentiating the Red Nose Pitbull from the Blue Nose Pitbull

Now, the differences between blue pitbull puppies and red nose pitbulls aren’t really that significant. The most that you’ll be able to differentiate them by eye is the color of their nose. One’s blue and the other one’s red. That’s essentially it to tell you the truth. Remember, these dogs aren’t their own unique kind of breed so don’t let breeders that are trying to sell you puppies tell you otherwise. They aren’t a new breed of dogs and they shouldn’t be treated like they’re the rarest of the bunch. Some breeders like to inflate their prices by talking their way into scoring big money. Don’t fall for it.

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