Why You Should Not Give Dogs Anything Else Besides Water

Summary: In order to keep your dog healthy, avoid giving them any foreign liquids that you might deem safe. It could potentially cause your dog to become ill or even lead to death.

Dogs tend to drink nearly anything that’s in front of them. They’re quick to see that it looks refreshing causing them to sporadically ingest the liquid. When it’s all said and done, fresh filtered water in a clean dish is the best option for them. Other fluids tend to contain harmful chemicals that cannot be digested once inside the stomach.

Milk is a Bad Choice

Plenty of dogs lack the enzymes needed to break down lactose, which is commonly found in milk. Just like lactose intolerant people, there are also intolerant dogs as well. Without the presence of enzymes to break down this lactose, it remains undigested and begins fermenting within the intestine. What ensues after is diarrhea and an upset stomach. A viable alternative that can be given in small doses would be milk without the lactose. Milk should never be seen as a primary fluid.

Excessive Vitamin and Minerals

Drinks that contain vitamin or mineral supplements that are great for humans might be harmful for dogs. Remember, dogs can only tolerate a specific amount of vitamins that are already in their food and water. Adding more will only disrupt the healthy functioning of the urinary tract and other systems. The seasoned breeders at Iron King Kennels believe that foreign liquids should not be introduced into a dog’s stomach as there are almost always either chemicals or artificial ingredients.

If you go to a pet store looking for blue nose pitbull puppies for sale, you’re not going to automatically try and find an alternative to water thinking it’ll be beneficial for them. It’s not only dangerous for them but it’s also irresponsible of you to go about doing this without believing there won’t be any consequences. Be on the safe side of caution and stick with purified water.