How to choose a dog bed

8Written by Costbuys

Finding a dog bed to suit your dog, your lifestyle, and needs can take a bit of research. Although many pet stores sell dog beds online, buy one that suits your specific needs to ensure you can use yours for a few years. Here is a short review on dog beds.

For small and medium breeds – Look for a compact bed that will leave your dog feeling secure, but one that provides sufficient space for your dog to stretch out. Choose one that is round or oval with lots of cushioning and raised sides to help your dog feel contained and comfortable. Look at the quality of the filling material and check if the filling provides protection from hard surfaces.

For large and extra large breeds- Look for beds that have memory form and thick cushioning for comfort against hard floors. Larger dogs may cause the foam to flatten and therefore you may need to replace the foam after a year or two. You could also look for beds with spring mattresses for extra support.

For hairless breeds – Hairless dogs will need more padding and warmth. Therefore choose cave shaped beds that are filled with soft materials in many layers.

For dogs with long or thick fur – To make sure your dog doesn’t overheat choose a cot style bed. These have mesh materials that are elevated from the ground.

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