Dog fighting, cruelest way to treat a dog

Cruelty to animals comes in many forms and dog fighting is one of them. Pitting two game dogs especially bred, trained, and conditioned against each other for entertainment as well as gambling purposes is a form of lowest of the humans can be. These fights can go on for hours. This is why animal advocates are considering it to be animal abuse not just because of violence that dogs endure but also what happens to dogs before and after a fight. During training other pets such as kittens are used as prey and once injured in a fight dogs are put to death by cruelest ways including hanging, gun shot, drowning, strangulation, and electrocution. Sometimes dogs get killed during fights due to blood loss, exhaustion, dehydration, severe wounds and shock.

Dog fights are illegal in the United States of America. According to a report published by the University of Michigan, dog fighting was once legal during the colonial time and sometime after that in the USA. By 2008, all states banned it and labelled it as a felony. Yet more than 40,000 illegal fights a year take place according to some published estimates and each fight could involve more than $100,000.