Pets do get separation anxiety too

Pets do get separation anxiety tooIf you have come back to a house after a trip and find your pillows are trashed, couch cushion are torn apart, doors are all scratched and many other mayhems, it may be work of your wonderful pet dog. Your neighbors may have even complained to you that your dog was barking and howling non-stop while you were away. It may be partially to blame for separation anxiety and partially your pet was acting out due to boredom.

Pets begin to act out when they suspect that you are getting ready to leave. Your daily routine as well as you repeatedly telling them to behave while you were out may upset them and get them into frenzy. One way to cut their expectation is to once or twice get ready but don’t leave. This cuts your routine and confuses your pet.

There are other strategies that you can use to avoid separation anxiety in your pets. Reward them for good behavior after you return, enrich their environment before you leave, release them from their crate upon your return, and you can also use pharmaceuticals to a certain extent to calm them. True partnership is the most effective tool to deal with anxiety separation.